New and Improved Axe Debug View

This initially started as an attempt to move this project to URP, but quickly turned into a clean-up job to get the project ready for beta #screenshotsaturday #medievil #timburton #halloween

New camera, new movement, new targeting, new dissolve system. Gamepad has rumble – Generally the whole controller and feel has been revamped, though the differences aren’t huge as far as the final animation looks – same animations – the code is cleaner, there are less glitches all around and cleaner systems have been setup (for example I replaced my camera with cinemachine, which allows for more stuff with less code down the line)

So here you can see how I made sure that the axe works as I want it, first you can see that there is some targeting going on, which has some tolerance and thus we can target enemies easier

Then when the axe is thrown you can see a variety of lines, these are used to make sure my vectors are all as expected

  • gray lines mean a connection was checked, but target was far away or not closest
  • red means that there was an obstacle
  • green means that this was a valid path
  • blue line are for initial throws
  • magenta for returning to hand

Then in part of the video you can see me fighting some of the old enemies, with minimal fixes due to the transfer I am far more happy with how things perform now and I am a better coder, so: yeah, that makes sense

Follow the game here:


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