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Zombie improvements, Skeleton and Gun polish

Facing zombies in the graveyard is the most likely going to be the first experience you will have in the game, I want to make it enjoyable and juicy. So I went over the zombies and made some quick textures, including normal maps, even small details like the chunks missing are noticeable and readable during action, this is probably close to the final look I will be going for, at least for the first version of the game

So I have more free time now and I am ramping up production I implemented all 3 zombies with giblet versions and a new enemy type, also in-game and breakable :

A closer view of the skeleton with flaming eyes:

I also spent some time polishing the gun, both the bullets and the related animations

I will implement some attack animations and post an update during the next days. Then more items and more enemies to finish up what I need for the first level. Stay tuned