Death’s Scythe and other tweaks, fixes and changes

Added Death’s Scythe with one attack at the moment, I also made a bunch of other adjustments and fixes to make things more stable.

I tuned the stamina and magic costs and regeneration values. The Scythe is very OP, but drains stamina like fruit juice.
I’m planning on adding an animation and effect for when you pick the Scythe, but at the moment it’s just a transition.
I had to change a few things around in order to support additional weapons, but I always knew that going in, I just made what was useful at the time.

Oh the Pistol will also let you know you ran out of Magic, spamming the attack buttons won’t drain your stamina and magic.
Opening Chests and Gates won’t affect those either.

Anyway check it out and tell me what you think:

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